When you visit Iowa, the state of Louisiana is one you will want to see. It is a state that is full of rich history and that often has been at the center of civil war and a lot of political intrigues. A lot of folks in this area are proud of their ancestry and heritage and enjoy talking about the old days. The history buffs can get an education learning more about the past of this area. In fact, there is a museum here called the Cedar City Museum of Art, which tells the history of the place through artifacts. When you are in the area and you see the famous “Iowa Wall,” which is a collection of over one thousand photographs of Iowahawk Indians, you will be glad that you decided to take a day to see this area. Lake Charles, LA can be seen here.

If you are not familiar with Iowa, you should definitely make it a point to see what all the fuss is about. It is a great place for family fun and for nature lovers. If you love to visit falls in Iowa, you can do so on your way to this city park. The only two falls in Iowa are the Iowa falls and the Dead man’s creek. In addition to seeing these beautiful falls, you will be able to go on a walking tour of this city park. This tour will give you an opportunity to see the many beautiful gardens that are located around the area. Click here to read about Having Fun in the Sun at Deatonville, Louisiana.

If you decide that you would like to check out Iowa, you will want to stop by the Orleans Parish during your time in this region of the nation. The Orleans Parish is a large parish and it is filled with folks that have a strong connection to the French culture. You will find French Creole cuisine here as well as other types of traditional food that are unique to the area. The Louisiana Square is also located in this parish and it is a prime spot for anybody who is interested in historic architecture. On your visit to the Iowa, Louisiana area, you will find a satellite view of the Mississippi River that will allow you to enjoy your stay much more than if you were standing still.