A New Way to Approach FoodWe’re proud of what we do in Sulphur and Lake Charles for a simple reason – our food is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

At Maplewood Burgers, we’re reinventing the hamburger, and bringing culinary creativity and great customer service to our restaurants, as well as our popular catering services in the area. For more details, just check out our menu and more.

Getting Stuffed

Even if you’re a burger fanatic, there’s a good chance you’ve never tried one with cheese and other ingredients in the middle of the burger patty. That’s because these take a little more sophistication to make – but we have them on tap here, along with a lot of other stuff that’s going to be pleasing to your taste buds.

There’s the cheese-stuffed burger with swiss and pepper jack cheeses inside, and even a crawfish-stuffed burger, because, hey, we’re down on the Bayou!

These plus other great menu options make our restaurants top morning spots, to just enjoy a Louisiana day, with some great chow. We maintain a clean, welcoming environment for guests, too – we’re a bright spot in these busy LA neighborhoods.

Breakfast Stuff

We’ve even got a stuffed burger for those nursing a hangover – on a lazy morning when you’re sleeping off a big party night, this is just what the doctor ordered!

Other popular morning choices include our maplewood biscuit platter and stuffed chorizo omelette.

This is just part of our innovative menu that’s built for those who love to try new tastes and flavors. When you’re tired of the same old thing – and you just don’t want another dish of ham and eggs that’s uninspired – head over to our Sulphur or Lake Charles locations and get a plate! We’ll get the grill going for you.

Our Small, Local Customer Service Model

Another great part of our business is our approach to customer service, which serves us well in catering special events and bringing you our cuisine wherever you are.

Simply put, we’re a family business – we started out right in Sulphur, LA, and we know the community. Our goal is to keep building our excellent reputation in the area and get to know each customer, instead of just doing a job and leaving. We feel like maintaining vibrant relationships with our customers helps them to get a better value, and it helps us to have a more rewarding job, so it’s a win-win all around! Get to know us and keep Maplewood Burgers on speed dial for your next party or event, because we have the menu fare that’s going to satisfy your guests! Talk to you soon…