When it comes to burgers, we mean business!

For a long time, our family felt the personal connection of restaurants has been lost entirely. We felt like just another cog in a wheel, eating for sustenance rather than enjoyment. Inspired by our desire for a different, more personal experience between restaurant patrons and the staff, we created Maplewood Burgers.

At Maplewood Burgers, we were able to make our dream a reality! We took our vision and created a burger joint that has a hip, cool, relaxed, and interpersonal relationship between our customers and our staff. We love our communities in Louisiana and are thrilled to have been able to make so many wonderful people happy with our food.

What We Serve

Burgers! Both gourmet and stuffed, our menu features a comfortable selection of dramatic reimaginings of all the classics. The American staple is our favorite to cook though we do offer other delicious fan favorites like grilled cheese and mac & cheese. Wait, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet!

We offer breakfast options! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried our stuffed Mac & Cheese Omelette. Plus, not to exaggerate, but there is no true cure for a hangover like our Stuffed Hangover Burger with a hashbrown stuffed beef patty, cheese, fried eggs, our signature Kick sauce all on a warm, flaky croissant. All that grease and bread is sure to soak up that last little bit of booze from the night before and replace it with sobering proteins so that you’re ready for work in a couple of hours. We don’t make judgements, just burgers!

Also, we offer a free side and drink with every burger because we love our customers and value you as hungry human beings.


Let us stuff you and your crew up! Everyone knows that an event’s greatness is determined by the food that’s catered. A great lunch can take a boring conference to an awesome day of training or a dull ceremony to an energized dance party. Let us cater your event! Our burgers bring the zing, pep, and Cajun-Kick (sauce) that your event needs!

Our Blog

What does a burger blog look like? A tasty array of new fast food knowledge that you’ve never known before! Bite down on a juicy blog or two about famous burger joints in pop culture, which celebrity chef makes the best burger, or how to nail that Fourth of July fry cook challenge. Think about it, this is an important question, is a hamburger classified as a sandwich or not? These are the kind of controversial and debatable answers we explore and discuss in our blog! Stay tuned for all the history, industry knowledge, and fun facts you could ever want to know about burgers and more!

Contact Us

Do you have questions, concerns, compliments, or need directions to one of our delicious locations in either Lake Charles or Sulphur, Louisiana? Get in touch! We love to hear from our customers and are happy to help in any way that we can.