1. Burger Facts That Will Flip Your Buns

    Burger Facts That Will Flip Your Buns

    At Maplewood Burgers, we have two goals; one is to serve our Louisiana community through our delicious gourmet and stuffed burgers. The other is to have a burger blog that serves as a resource of fast food knowledge. We want to educate our community - and the world - about burgers and all the glory …Read More

  2. A New Way to Approach Food

    A New Way to Approach Food

    We’re proud of what we do in Sulphur and Lake Charles for a simple reason – our food is like nothing you've ever seen before. At Maplewood Burgers, we’re reinventing the hamburger, and bringing culinary creativity and great customer service to our restaurants, as well as our popular catering s…Read More

  3. Maplewood Burgers

    Happy Fall, Y’all!

    Fall is here and we’re couldn’t be more excited! The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and pumpkin spice is slowly seeping its way into every possible food. Soon it’ll be getting darker faster and the prices on Halloween candy will be uncontrollably tempting. It may seem like Autum…Read More

  4. Maplewood Burgers

    Fourth of July Grilling Tips For The Perfect Burger!

    Happy (Almost) Fourth of July! There’s a classic food everyone can get excited about this Fourth, our favorite, burgers! Whether they’re veggie patties, turkey patties, beef patties, or some other protein, there’s no denying the hamburger is a staple of Americana cuisine. It’s even common to…Read More

  5. Maplewood Burgers

    Welcome To Our Blog!

    When it comes to burgers, we mean business! For a long time, our family felt the personal connection of restaurants has been lost entirely. We felt like just another cog in a wheel, eating for sustenance rather than enjoyment. Inspired by our desire for a different, more personal experience between …Read More