Mossville, Louisiana is a charming little, predominantly African American community on the outskirts of Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States. It’s part of the Lake Charles Metropolitan statistical area and is sandwiched in between Westlake and Sulphur on the east. The population is around thirty-two thousand (according to the 2021 census), and the majority of residents are white (though there are some Hispanic and some African American communities). The City of Mossville is a beautiful little city with an excellent public school system. More can be found here.

Environmental justice is important in all aspects of life, but especially in a place as polluted as Mossville, Louisiana. Environmentalists have fought for years to clean up the contaminated soil in the Lake Charles area to prevent runoff of chemicals into the surrounding water supply. They also want to clean up the contaminated sewers that feed the city’s water system and protect the drinking water supply. A major problem has been mercury contamination from the nearby petrochemical industry. Residents of Mossville, Louisiana are constantly worried about the toxic chemical waste that pollutes the air and water and their fears have been confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Learn more about A Brief Introduction to Moss Bluff, Louisiana.

When you read an environmental justice story about Mossville, Louisiana, it is important to keep in mind the connection between pollution and its residents. You can learn about the struggle of the community to clean up its contaminated soil by visiting their website and reading about the many articles they have written on the subject. You can also learn about their efforts to get Congress to stop approving toxic chemical plants to operate within the state.