Known to the residents of southern Louisiana as “The Alley,” Carlyss, Louisiana is a place where people converge for excellent seafood. The town of Carlyss sits in the confluence of two rivers, the Ouachita River on the east and the Vermilion and Ciaglia Rivers on the west. The original French inhabitants of Carlyss were originally evicted citizens of New Orleans. Today they are known as Cajuns. The word “Cajun” is actually an amalgam of two Latin words: “cajus,” which means water, and “gunt,” meaning swamp or low marsh. Learn more here.

The residents of Carlyss, Louisiana tend to be very proud of their heritage, especially if it involves some degree of genealogy. The Carlyss, Louisiana poverty rate is slightly higher than the national average, but the residents of the town do have some exceptional qualities. The city of Carlyss is approximately a three-hour drive from New Orleans, which has a considerably higher crime rate, and it is only twenty-five miles from New Orleans’ downtown area. The second-largest city in southern Louisiana is New Orleans. The residents of Carlyss live in what is known as “the Alley”. Learn more about Westlake, Louisiana Real Estate Market.

The residents of Carlyss, Louisiana have always kept a tight grip on their culture, particularly in regard to their food. One of the most popular restaurants in town is La Porte Inn, which is located between two major thoroughfares in Carlyss: Bay Street and Claiborne Avenue. This establishment is known for its down-home style dining, with its large amounts of wood, its richly colored walls, and its richly seasoned seafood. If you want to taste the authentic Louisiana flavor that has been so popular for so long in this region, then La Porte Inn is located in the heart of Carlyss.