The Children’s Museum of Southwest Louisiana in Lake Charles, Louisiana is a wonderful place to visit with your children and allows them to enjoy the sights and sounds of Lake Charles, Louisiana. “The museum is all about imagination and the young visitors are encouraged to explore,” says museum director, Sue Maslin. “We provide activities and games on everything from coloring to watching video productions. The museum encourages family-centered fun. Lake Charles, LA information can be seen at this link.

The museum has four main exhibits: The Biology Center, Environmental Learning Center, Imagination & Creativity Center, and the Narnia Center. The museum is the home of the Narnia characters. The Southwest Louisiana Science Center and Louisiana Seaquarium exhibit unique marine life and exhibit life in a natural habitat setting. The Imagination and Creativity Center hosts many events featuring the work of local and international artists. The fourth exhibit in the museum is a reconstruction of Christ’s Birth, complete with all the trappings, which was found in the middle area of the building. The museum is also known for its year-round summer programs that bring hundreds of visitors to the lake area.┬áThe Children’s Museum of Southwest Louisiana also has a wide range of seasonal programming which is designed to meet the interests of children of all ages. The Museum has an Extreme Summer Series which presents live entertainment every Friday evening beginning in June and runs through November. The Museum also has an Education Series, which showcases the various types of classes available for children in grades one through eight. This program gives parents and guardians an understanding of the various options that are available to their children and helps them determine what type of education is most appropriate for their child. For example, the Youth Arts program offers music lessons, dance lessons, arts and crafts instruction, computer skills training, and physical education. Discover facts about Putt-Putt Golf Course in Lake Charles, Louisiana – A Wonderful Place for All Year-round Enthusiasts.

The museum is the leading facility for studying the impact of European settlers on southwest Louisiana culture, history, arts, food and medicine, and climate. The museum has six extension branches in New Orleans, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Louisiana. The Louisiana State University Libraries has The Children’s Museum of Southwest Louisiana in Lake Charles Louisiana, one of the member libraries of the Louisiana State University Libraries. The University has a gift from The Children’s Museum of Southwest Louisiana in Lake Charles Louisiana, which will benefit the new College of Education in Louisiana.