When you think of Lake Charles, Louisiana you probably don’t think of Drew Park in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Lake Charles is one of the most popular vacation spots in Louisiana. Lake Charles is the largest city in south Louisiana. Lake Charles is also home to many popular attractions and is where the famous Mississippi River ends and the Louisiana state line begins. As you might imagine, with so much going on there is a lot of commerce going on. This is why it’s important to have good water service to get your water-filled when you need it. Learn information about Lake Charles, LA.

The hotel itself is at Drew Park in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The hotel sits on the corner of Drew Park Drive at Lake Charles LA. The parking lot can get to be a little long at times and if you go on foot it’s easy to get lost. But, the park itself is very large, there are great restaurants around and a very popular golf course.┬áIn Lake Charles, Louisiana one of the most popular vacation spots is Drew Park. Here you will enjoy all the beauty of nature as well as a variety of recreational pursuits. The park was originally built for baseball and has been renovated as an enjoyable tourist attraction. Many area events like Jazz Festival, Garden Club picnic, Blues Fest, and the annual Tulip Festival are held here. Discover facts about Interesting Facts About Charpentier Historic District in Lake Charles, LA.

All in all, if you like the ambiance of Lake Charles, LA, and want to have some rest while visiting this luxurious hotel then you should look into staying at The Drew. The hotel is located about two blocks from the lake and has a nice outdoor pool and a Jacuzzi for your enjoyment. The outside of the hotel has lots of windows that give you a nice view of the area as well as lots of doors and glass doors that allow you to get to the different floors of the hotel if you need to. There are also lots of walking paths throughout the entire hotel so you can walk to everything you want to do.