Prien Lake Park in Lake Charles, Louisiana is just another beautiful lake in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It is located right next to the historic Prien River in the Town of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and just south of the historic Israel La Fleur Bridge on State Route 48. The beautiful park is surrounded by beautiful homes and buildings that were constructed during the periods of the 1800s through the early 1900s. Further facts about Lake Charles, LA can be found here.

The park itself includes two lakes and surrounding areas. There are Lake Charles and Lake Douglas, which are east of town. Lake Charles has some excellent hiking trails and boat ramps, as well as a marina with full-service year-round. The other lake is called Lake Sinclair and it is in the southern part of Lake Charles. Lake Sinclair is the second largest lake and is much better suited for boating and swimming activities.¬†Prien Lake Park in Lake Charles, Louisiana is also home to many species of migratory birds like the Black-Headed Grosbeak, Yellow-Headed Bunting, Northern Cardinal, Black-Backed Oriole, Great Crested Flycatcher, and Carolina Parakeet. Many of these birds can be seen at the lake’s shores during different times of the year. Hiking enthusiasts are also welcome to explore the park’s trails which lead you to overlooks of nesting sites for the birds. You can also view other wild animals, including deer, alligators, and many more types of pets and reptiles. Information about Millennium Park in Lake Charles, Louisiana – Perfect Place for Relaxation can be found here.¬†

The two lakes offer many amenities to those that use them, including swimming, boating, boat ramps, picnic areas, lake fun, and swimming events, as well as, an American Tourist Information kiosk, which is located directly across from the Horseshoe Restaurant. The kiosk will give you all of the information you need about the boat ramps, American Tourister information center, and the Prien Lake Park dining options. So, if you are looking to spend a quiet afternoon or evening at the lake, a trip to Prien Lake Park in Lake Charles, Louisiana will be an enjoyable and memorable experience. There is plenty to do and see here in this charming little community. You can spend an afternoon on the beach, take a hike up to the top of the hill that overlooks the entire park, or enjoy a quiet evening by the fire. The choices are almost endless.