Westlake, Louisiana is a scenic area located about two hours south of New Orleans. It is a quiet community and many people move to this area to live because it offers both close proximity to New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana. There are many beautiful homes for sale in Westlake. Real estate prices are rising because there are a lot of rich people moving to the area to live. Click here for facts about Lake Charles, LA.

Westlake is a quiet neighborhood, but there is plenty to do in the area including shopping, fine dining, swimming, boating, fine arts, museums, and recreation. Westlake has some beautiful homes and neighborhoods. It is considered to be an up and coming community and is known for its high quality of schools. In addition, it is close to the French Quarter of New Orleans. Click here to read about Westlake Louisiana – Where Natural Beauty meets Rustic Casualty.

The average population density in Westlake is 4 people per square mile, which is better than the state average of 4.5 people per square mile. Westlake has a lot of residential real estate available including single-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, condos, beach homes, and lofts with amenities such as pools, dog parks, tennis courts, and private clubs for all types of interests. There is also a good variety of housing prices, including high-end homes in prime areas, moderate-priced homes in many of the popular communities in Louisiana, and low-end homes in run-down areas. Westlake is considered a good place to invest for the long term as the prices are stable and the economy continues to rebound.