Explore mouth-watering catering services by Maplewood Burgers today! Choose from our wide selection of party platters and individual boxes of juicy cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and stuffed burgers. Perfectly prepared and packaged for your convenience, simply grab and go! We offer Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner options to satisfy your cravings.

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Catering Menu

All of your Maplewood Burger favorites!

For a complete menu, click the “Download Catering Menu” below. More item show on this menu.

Catering Options

Maplewood Burgers has you covered for any event that is thrown your way! From ‘Not wanting to cook dinner” night to Tailgating parties. Maplewood Burgers has a platter for that. Not sure what to include on your catering tray? Browse our burger menu for all our stuffed, non-stuffed burger, and much more!

Burger Platters

Catering Plater Maplewood Burgers
Party Night Platter

*Regular Cheese or Hamburgers ONLY*
A platter packed with five of our 7oz patty burgers topped with or without your choice of american, swiss or pepper jack cheese.

$45.99 – Hamburger Platter

$48.99 – Chesse Burger Platter

Maplewood Burgers Louisiana catering plater
The Gathering Platter

Your choice of any of our stuffed burgers. Feeds about 7-10 people


Game Day Platter

Your choice of any of our 10 stuffed burgers. Feeds about 15-20 people


BreakFast Platters

Hangover BurgerCattering Platter
Hangover platter

5 of our Hangover Burgers - beef patty stuffed with hashbrowns and yellow American cheese. Topped with 2 fried eggs, American cheese, mayo, and our signature cajun kick sauce.

$48.99 – Hangover Platter

Maplewood Burgers Breakfast Platter

Any 10 of our breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos feeds 12-15 people
*Excludes Hangover Burger & Allwood Burrito *


24 Cattering Platter Sandwiches and Burritos

Any 24 of our breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos feeds 30-35 people
*Excludes Hangover Burger*
Allwood Burrito


maplewood burgers sandwiches
Husnia Lee
Nice place, great service… tasted delicious, I got the shrimp with sourdough, recommended!
Daniel Jeans

Impressed with our first visit. This will definitely be on our go to list in Lake Charles. 1st time to ask for a to-go box for a hamburger.

Josh Drums
One of the best dang burgers I’ve ever had. Ordered the Mac and cheese stuffed burger. Wow. Nothing short of phenomenal. I will definitely be back when I’m visiting Lake Charles.