Satisfying spirits and appetites, we strive to provide a contagiously enjoyable and positive experience for every customer at every location!

The American Dream means something different to everyone. For some, it might be pursuing a medical career and helping save lives in emergency situations. For others, it might be dedicating each and every day to athletics to finally reach the Professional level. For us, we have been humbly honored to serve our Louisiana community through 2 different restaurant locations while also doing what we love.

We started from a very humble beginning in Sulphur, Louisiana. Our vision then, and today, is to provide a higher standard of customer service while also serving the most delicious Burgers in the State. We’ve all had that robotic customer service experience where we left feeling like just another number passing through the corporate system. Maplewood Burgers primary focus is to provide a substantially different experience.

Our definition of the American Dream is to get to know our community on a first-name basis, while also continuing to serve the most unique and mouth-watering Burgers in our beautiful state of  Louisiana.

Maplewood Burgers was also voted in the Top 5 Best Burgers in Louisiana!

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Community Involvement: 

Saay Patel, our Owner, is an actively involved Board Member of the Boys Village Foundation. As a Board Member, Saay is passionately engaged in Community Events which seek to improve the lives and socioeconomic status of Families and Children in Louisiana.

Saay is also a Partner in Education at the R.W. Vincent Middle School in Sulphur, Louisiana.